Shalom and Welcome

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Shalom and Welcome

“In Toronto, we are blessed with a strong Jewish community, with rituals and customs that have united our people for thousands of years.

“These traditions are especially important when a death occurs. They comfort us as we grieve and provide a source of spiritual healing. At Benjamin’s, we honour these rites in a way that is meaningful for family and friends. We go above and beyond to help you in your time of loss.

“On this site, you will find the most updated information on services, shivas and unveilings. You will also find a wealth of information on our time-honoured Jewish mourning traditions.

“The Benjamin family has supported our community for four generations. If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.”


Living Jewish

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Canadle Lighting

Psalm 23
Psalm 121
Eil Malei Rachamim-Male
Eil Malei Rachamim-Female
Prayer for All Our Departed
Prayer for Our Martyrs
Mourners Kaddish
We Remember Them
Kaddish-English Translation
Visiting the Grave
At A Mothers Grave
At a Fathers Grave
At The Grave of A Wife
At The Grave of A Husband
At The Grave of A Sibling
At Grave of A Grandparent
At The Grave of A Child
On Leaving The Cemetery